Mitigating 21st-Century Relationships!

Throughout the history of discourse, what continues to astonish me the most in this era of open-source information and technological accessibility, is the lack of dialogue (especially in some church contexts) had on things that aren't necessarily found within the Biblical framework. Topics that would oft be labelled as 'secular' or 'unbiblical', yet crucial to... Continue Reading →

Theology with Interest…

Someone once told me, "if you want to be rich and not pay taxes, build a church." I couldn't help but think they were right. This is a topic I have been wanting to cover for a while now, but I haven't quite thought of a good angle. That is, until now... If we take... Continue Reading →

Socrates in the Streets!

When it comes to the practical aspect of philosophy, there is much to be desired. As I mentioned previously in my two preceding articles, in this philosophy series about Nietzsche's God is 'dead'?! And Kearney's Inviting the Stranger: We find ourselves in a society continuously facing social crises like injustice and ignorance, in Nietzsche's case... Continue Reading →

Inviting the Stranger.

During my final year (2019) completing a Bachelor of Divinity Honours in Theology, my favourite subject of all time was Dogmatics and Christian Ethics. We had such excellent and thought challenging lecturers. They guided us into the most fascinating discussions on Theology and Biblical ethics, and their wisdom would stay with me for the rest... Continue Reading →

God is ‘dead’?!

The famous (yet, shockingly controversial for its time) remark of "God is dead." (or "Gott ist tot", in German) was written in Nietzche's 5th book "Die fröhliche Wissenschaft" (a.k.a The Gay Science/The Joyful Wisdom). Yet it is but one emphatic phrase used in an entire discourse narrative which Nietzsche called, "The Parable of the madman". In this article, I aim to take you on a journey of deconstructing the true meaning behind Nietzsche's controversial statement that doesn't quite mean what you think it does, and why it is still important to us, today...

On Abortion And Life…

If there's one thing I am getting tired of, it's having to listen to conservative and opinionated Christians who presume to think that they know anything about the sensitivity of a situation like unwanted pregnancy and abortion, when shouting their heated judgement of condemnation to women who - in fact - have made a decision... Continue Reading →

God Is Love; Celebrate Pride!

"Whenever the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will see it and remember the everlasting covenant between God and all living creatures of every kind on the earth." Genesis 9:16 - This is one of the most beautiful passages to read in the original ancient text, as the Hebrew language illustrates a compassionate and warm God portrayed... Continue Reading →

Holiness or Spiritual Narcissism?

Today I had yet another encounter with a common mainstream Christian narrative that irked me quite a bit... - In my 4 years of studying theology academically, I have become increasingly attentive to the intricate meanings of certain theological concepts and the impact that their wrongful interpretations may have on the broader community, which influences... Continue Reading →

The Myth Of The Devil!

Now that I've gotten your attention, as can be deduced from my title, this article is going to be, yet again, extremely controversial. This topic has been tugging on me for quite some time, as I have encountered many Christian fanatics and Biblical fundamentalists who posit the idea that the Devil a.k.a Satan, God's adversary... Continue Reading →

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